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Another Retirement For Shaq

Shaguille O’Neal has retired from basketball for some time now and has announced another retirement recently. This time its from being a celebrity. Yeah, he wants to be known as just a nice guy.

He said “These celebrities are going freaking crazy and I don’t want to be one. I denounce my celebrity-ness today. I’m done with it,” O’Neal told the New York Post.

“I don’t want to be in that category. Celebrities are crazy, they really are. Don’t call me that anymore. These people are out of their freaking mind with how they treat people, what they do, what they say. That’s never been me. I never want to be looked at like that.”

“I came from nothing,” he said. “But, just because I made it doesn’t mean I’m bigger than you, smarter than you — just because I have more money doesn’t mean I’m better than you. I’ve never been that way and I never will be that way. So I don’t want to be in that category of people.

“When they talk about Shaq, what do you say? ‘He’s a nice guy.’ Because what else can you be? You’re either nice or you’re the A-word, and I definitely won’t be looked at as the A-word,” he said.

“I want people to say, ‘Bro, he’s nice. He didn’t have an entourage. His people didn’t take my phone because I took a picture and threw it.’”

Source: Lakers Daily


Imagine being at a viewing for your mother and when you get there it’s a stranger in the casket. That’s exactly what happened to these two sisters who went to view their Mother’s body at Hunter’s Funeral Home in Ahoskie, North Carolina. The woman in their Mother’s casket was not their Mother but she did have on their clothes.

One sister said “There’s no similarity in the person. Their size was way off. When the first person had the clothing on, she was swimming in the clothes because she was so small compared to my mother,”

After making the situation known to funeral home officials the lead embalmer at Hunter’s Funeral called it and an “honest mistake”

The sisters say the situation was not handled properly and they still wants answers to how this can happen in the first place and are still waiting on an official apology.

Source: Black Enterprise

Correctional Employees Convicted On Theft Charges Of Over $400,000

One Maryland correctional officer plead guilty to Felony Theft Scheme and Misconduct in Officer another for Conspiracy to Commit Theft and Bribery and six other former Correctional Officers have been convicted of similar charges in the last five months.

Both acknowledged that they were adding extra hours to their time sheets that they did not work. One of them used their access to the Workday system to illegally inflate their work hours. In exchange, for payments of several thousands of dollars.

The other improperly inflated their own work hours on at least 31 occasions, claiming an additional 2,470 hours resulting in theft of $79,857.69 from the State of Maryland.

Maryland Prosecutor, said they abused their positions of trust to steal money from Maryland taxpayers,” “They, as well as six other Correctional Employees engaged in similar acts at MTC, have now been held accountable. In addition to other penalties, the 8 individuals involved have orders of restitution totaling $443,625.40

Source: CBS

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