THE BUZZ! Convicted sex offender escaped prison after his mom gave him disguise, Texas officials say First up. Love for your child can make a parent do almost anything for them, like help them escape from prison. A 39 year old man, serving life without parole for child sexual abuse, is back behind bars after […]

THE BUZZ! Handmaid’s Tale: Ohio Woman Charged With Abuse Of A Corpse After Suffering Traumatic Miscarriage While Using Bathroom Next, Women’s bodies and abortion have been the subject of  some nasty debate for years. Arguments which even reached the highest court in the land. Many states punish women and their providers for making personal and […]

THE BUZZ! 8 children abducted from Arkansas foster homes by biological mother, smuggled across the country First up There is nothing like a Mother’s love. They sometimes are willing to do the unthinkable to protect their children. This Mother who lost custody of her eight kids was arrested for abducting them. The eight children were […]

THE BUZZ! Palestinian-American boy killed and his mother injured after landlord stabs them because they were Muslim, authorities say Hate strikes again. A Palestinian Woman and her son were attacked by their landlord allegedly because the tenants are Muslim and the ongoing Middle Eastern conflict involving Hamas and the Israelis.” According to authorities, they found […]

THE BUZZ! Deputies draw guns on boy 10, sister 11, who took mom’s car to flee to California A 10-year-old boy and his 11-year-old sister drove from Florida to California after their mother took away their electronic devices for misbehaving. So the two decided to jump in their Mother’s car and hit the road to […]

THE BUZZ! Woman gives birth to daughter at 50 Cent concert Next, Speaking of kids. 50 Cent’s final lap tour was just here in Baltimore and a lot of people came out. But at a recent show someone new came out to the show, a brand new baby. A woman recently gave birth to a […]

THE BUZZ! Keke Palmer Teases Usher Collab ‘Boyfriend’ amid Relationship Drama with Darius Jackson Next, Usher and Keke Palmer take things further. The two made headlines after her on stage escapade with Usher during his Las Vegas residency. One that led to Keke’s boyfriend taking offense to her cozying up to the R&B star. He publicly criticized […]

THE BUZZ! Ex-Cop Who Hit Man, Took Body Home Is Sentenced You’ve heard of a hit and run accident. What about a hit and take home accident. A former Police officer was off duty coming from a Halloween party at 3am when he drifted onto the shoulder of the Garden State Parkway when he hit […]

The Buzz! Joe Biden says he ‘has’ cancer thanks to oil industry — but WH points to skin cancer years ago President Joe Biden was a trending topic on twitter as the hashtaag #BidenHasCancer was trending. All of this started because of what President Biden during a speech about global warming. He said “That’s why […]

CHRIS ROCK’s Mom Says When Will Slapped Her Son …IT WAS LIKE SLAPPING HER Now I really didn’t want to talk about this slap situation again but I have to only because we heard from a lot of people about this slap but one person close to Chris is speaking out about it, and that’s […]