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Morality Police: Her stepdaughter has never really liked her, but came to her on college break to ask for help with ending a pregnancy. Stepdaughter doesn’t want dad to know. Should the wife tell? She thinks this may be a turn for a better relationship with her stepdaughter. Thoughts?

  • Take her & take that secret to the grave
  • At the end of the day that’s HIS daughter not hers. If she didn’t really care for her, Don’t put yourself in a questionable trust issue.
  • Hell yea tell pops if he find she didn’t tell that’s the end of their relationship. Your not friends with kids anyway
  • Oh hell no! I’m singing like a bird. Sorry…but my loyalty is top my husband. I’m not getting caught up in that drama!
  • Counsel her on how to present it to her father and go as a unified front. Not telling her father will hurt the wife more than the daughter if it ever comes out. GOD forbid something goes wrong in the facility and then she has to tell her husband and deal with that violation of trust.
  • I would keep her confidence but encourage her to tell her dad I don’t do abortions so I would try to talk her into keeping the baby
  • She don’t need to be her friend that bad….parents always trying to be cool……be the adult
  • The Dad will find out – and be upset with the wife for not telling him; the stepdaughter will allow the wife to take the heat for the secrecy; if she never liked her then she is just using her anyway
  • Be an ally and help the girl. Then encourage her to tell her dad herself.

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