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Morality Police: She dated him for three very violent and turbulent years. Finally she got away and has moved on. Recently on Facebook she noticed that a mutual friend of theirs is now dating the crazy ex.

Should she let the new lady know how truly bad their relationship was to possibly protect the new lady from the hell that she lived through or should she keep quiet?


  • I think she should let the woman know . That’s the problem with women — we don’t look out for each other, we don’t warn each other , or try to protect one another . Keeping quiet will add another statistic, another abused woman.
  • If someone beat you for three years and you let your friend date that person without sharing your truth then you are not a good friend. The human thing to do is at least warn your friend, why is it wrong to protect another human being. Everything in this society is being framed as people just being haters and we would rather passively allow a person to be beaten or killed that be seen as a hater. I don’t want any friends that would let me walk into that situation without opening their mouth.
  • She should mind her Beeez wax. The new chick is going to think that either she wants him back or is trying to sabotage the new relationship. She doesn’t owe the girl anything and honestly she would technically be throwing a wrench in his progression also. Maybe he has changed but why should she care anyway. Just stay out of grown folks business!
  • But if she is a mutual friend, she may already know what she is getting into. Leave it alone. When it’s time to run, at least she knows who can run to.
  • Regardless of who was the problem an abuser often never changes. I would leave this one alone being as though she just a FB friend and not real friend. Not sure how the new girl will react better yet how he will act once he finds out the ex is all up in his new business.
  • It depends on how close the friendship is. If they’re just acquaintances, then she should mind her business.


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