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You and your partner are good friends with another couple and you know the wife is cheating on her husband … Do you tell?

  • I would want somebody to tell me! But, I’m a different kind of animal! I can walk away from anything – EXCEPT MY KIDS! But, I couldn’t tell my friend that there spouse was cheating on them. Some people can’t handle disappointment, betrayal and lies!
  • Personally I don’t trust someone protecting a cheater. So if my wife is trying to protect her homegirl that cheating on her husband, I’m gonna have some serious questions. You get judged by the company you keep. Birds of a feather.
  • Only time you speak up if family is involved
  • I’m telling everything, been there done that. If it was me, I want to know.
  • No, because it always backfires and you’re the one that ends up getting blamed. The truth always comes to the surface.
  • Approach the cheating party and offer to help resolve the issue so no one is hurt.
  • No you mind ur damn business