THE BUZZ! Indonesia bans sex outside marriage as parliament passes sweeping new criminal code Planning a trip out of the country. Might want to reconsider going to a place like Bali in Indonesia. That’s because lawmakers in the country just unanimously passed a new criminal code that criminalizes sex outside marriage. The new code doesn’t just apply […]

You remember Natalie Nunn right? The baddest bad girl in Bad Girl’s Club history? (If you place Tanisha as second). Not jogging your memory, how’s this…”I run LA b*tch.” A ha! Well the former reality TV star is living her best life as a mother, wife and fitness guru teaching moms how to slay even […]

Katie Ziskind, who is a licensed marriage and family therapist, told Bustle, “Couples who have been in long-term relationships or marriages have a totally different style of communication.”

Our guest expert, Eric Stewart, of Gold Star Mortgage gave these three tips for getting your couple financial life on track: Authorized User – if one person has better credit and has a long standing account that has been paid on time every single month for years, add the other as an “Authorized user, this […]

He / She is perfect for you and things are good all around except for their finances. Would you let bad finances ruin good love? Yes! There can’t be good love if it is dark in the house and we are cold and hungry. I paid for everything in my marriage and it made my […]

These couples are so hot together, they set the red carpet on fire at the Academy Awards!

Angelina and Brad called it quits, but we've still got some great celebrity couples to admire.

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His presence is making Wendy and the entire crew "miserable."