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NBA star Carmelo Anthony may have had an outside baby on his wife actress, La La.

Could your relationship survive an outside baby? 

  • The block is hot over this one! That’s a hard mistrust wall to tear down. I couldn’t do it but would not judge someone who would. I would be too insecure and relive it every time I saw the child.
  • Ugggh, I’ll take child support and alimony to go please.
  • If we’re married it would depend on the dynamics of the situation. Were we separated for a period or did he just blatantly cheat? A cheater usually won’t change so no, probably Rollin out. But if it’s the latter, probably so provided I’m assured it won’t happen again.
  • In the movie Fences they did just that. But like Viola said “you’ve gained a mother for yrour child but lost your wife”. Only the strong can withstand that type of heartache & stay.
  • Can’t, won’t, will not! Aids maybe next if I stay.
  • I’m tired of hearing especially in marriages the excuses. If you vowed to be married and committed not sure what they vowed just speaking hypothetically, honor those vows. Or leave this is why UI’m so scared of marriage it’s no respect people just do it for the wrong reason and this is the outcome. No excuse mentally you should be strong enough to walk away from temptation
  • Wow… difficult question…. I would have to pray to God for a decision because often times we as humans view situations from a flesh perspective rather than a spiritual perspective. With that said… I would pray to God for advice and guidance. Prayer is always the answer and will not lead you astray.