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LHHATL Joseline dumped bleach all over Stevie J’s clothes and bed and they are OVER yet again.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done after an argument or a break-up?

  • Screwed another woman; Just for the Hell of it
  • Moved out at 2 in the morning with a newborn. #cantdoit lol
  • Threw all her stuff out and changed the locks while she was at work…then left town for a few weeks. It was super low and petty but she cheated and that sent me over the edge
  • Took the toilet seat off the toilet so he couldn’t use it cause I paid for it. I was reeeaaal young then.
  • Yellow paint on a shiny black car. Since he wanted to kick my side view mirror off lol
  • If i tell…i could get locked up….lol