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Love Drama Sundays — A sister wanted to know what to do because her boyfriend’s adult kids can’t stand her? She wants to work it out, but isn’t sure if she should pursue it.

Your Thoughts …

  • Regardless of how the kids feel they should be respectful. Its not their place to pick a partner for their father. People have to learn from their own mistakes.
  • I wouldn’t care what adults thought of me.
  • Maybe they know something about her that he doesn’t know
  • Depends on how much she really likes him or what type of future she sees. If the relationship has promise, then maybe a group discussion will help.
  • Actually I don’t think you owe your adult kid’s no explanation at all,,,they’ll be choosing your dates forever
  • I would let it be. We are all too old to deal with drama. Move on to the next.
  • He has to handle it. They are his kids and he needs to set a standard for how they treat her … if they like her or not.