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Our Satuday Situation is the result of all the talk about “dark skin beauty” that has gone this week as the result of Lupita’s Oscar win.


Is there still a battle between light skin and dark skin beauty?

  • Yes. The dominant culture will do what they always do.  We (Black people in the diaspora) have to change the discussion and make it seem absurd that they would even spend time worrying about that.
  • I use to think that but for me to each there own
  • Oh Gawd I hope not
  • Yes there is and I can say that I’m guilty of it I prefer a light skin black women over dark skin black women but I’m open to the idea I just have not run across one that really peaked my interest!!
  • 2019 Survivor Soul Stroll
  • While it is unfair to darker complexioned sisters the way people treat and talk OF them, it’s also unfair that we become victims of their anger
  • I believe so. I believe that light skin women are consider more beautiful than the dark skin woman. And i believe its all because of the entertainment industry

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