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This week has been HOT with Bill Cosby news! The one side of the story no one seems to be talking about is the affect of these allegations on Bill Cosby’s wife. Could you stand by your man or be silent if he was in Bill Cosby’s shoes?

  • Black people stick by their spouses no matter what. I would stay.
  • I would have been out years ago. I think their legacies are so connected that she didn’t leave many years ago.
  • You stay until you know for sure. No one knows for sure.
  • At 77 don’t think she didn’t know what he was doing…but sty this stage on her life WHY spend it alone….
  • It’s in the court of public opinion and that’s the only reason we’re hearing about it. At home, it’s between him and his wife. Mrs Cosby is doing right and she can decide what’s next. I’d do the same.
  • I was in the same situation except it was a minor! No I wouldn’t stand by his side if i would believe it was true… I can only imagine her mental state . Especially if she is confused and don’t know what to believe. But who knows how good their communication is.

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