A rally is being held today to support area police officers who many feel are now working in a hostile environment. With all of the attention on cop abuse — do you feel that Baltimore is anti-cop?


  • I would hope we are pro-cop. They have a job to do and we should not stand in their way
  • I believe too much media coverage helps promote this criminal minded activity, every news station showing Trayvon and Michael all day long its overwhelming.  And to a race of people feeling already like cops are treating us unfairly they get frustrated and the ignorance is taken to a new level.
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  • I don’t trust police. Growing up in this city as a young black man … how can you?
  • Lots of bmore police are ‘off the radar’….lots are stand up cops…and all of them are stressed 
  • You can’t NOT snitch in your community and then get in your feelings when there is cop abuse
  • I don’t think we are turning anti cop, I think we are demanding pro accountability. this has been happening for decades, but we had no cellphone cameras to substantiate it. Most of us generally believe that the majority of officers are responsible, upstanding citizens. It’s the few bad ones that make it hard for the good ones. They have a very difficult job to do for pay that is low (considering that they put their lives on the line everyday). #alllivesmatter

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