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#MagicFinalThought — Bill Cosby is in town performing tonight and people are of course protesting outside of the venue. After all these months, what are your final thoughts on America’s Favorite Dad?

  • Money does not make a person incapable of doing wrong. Only he, those women and The Lord know the truth.
  • They wait 30 to 40 years to tarnish his reputation. Who would have ever thought a rich black man could get away with the same crime 20 times or more in the United States. Go figure, even if you are rich and especially black you still have to play by the rules. Funny how they wanted to change people’s view of him after he wanted to buy NBC. Same ish they did with Michael Jackson 10 years ago. Wake up people and think!
  • When he was on tour talking to CNN, NBC and whoever would listen about about black people ain’t doing this or that. Now he want to got silent……he should say something?
  • I think more of him than I do any republican
  • These numerous allegations do give me pause. THIRTEEN? One or two—they looking for money. 3,4,5,6,7,8,9—you see where I’m going. Much like JERRY SANDUSKI it just seems like too many to ignore. I still believe in the legal system and everyone is innocent until proven guilty in my eyes. I also know that it’s not what you believe, it’s what you can prove.
  • Why do people single out Bill Cosby? There are plenty men out there who have done worse than he allegedly did. I hope he pulls through this nonsense.
  • We have to stop reacting and forming opinions based upon the news. They only tell us what they want us to know and it’s written so quickly it has too many errors.
  • They want to damage the reputation of an icon in the public eye to take away from the underhanded shit they are doing. This was nothing more than a smoke screen. That man is a legend and should be respected as such!