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Morality Police: Mom works for the post office and has been fighting off the flirts of a young business owner on her route. Daughter brings new boyfriend home that she thinks is the “one.” It is the guy! Should mom tell her daughter that her man has been chasing her for months or should she be quiet and hope the guy rolls it back now that that he knows?

  • Sometimes flirting is a way to pass the time, it’s only a problem when you say the wrong things…. I flirt a lot however I promise you I will never cross the line and never act on it because I am happy with the woman I have. Others may not
  • I would tell my daughter, because if he flirts with me there’s no telling who else
  • Boy’s Will be Boy’s … I’m willing to bet that mom looked forward to seeing him every work day
  • Oh I know I’m telling my daughter asap
  • She needs to tell. The daughter may resent her for not telling later when something happens.
  • Let’s be honest. Some women see a polite man as flirtatious. He might just enjoy making her smile. It could be innocent.
  • Yep. Because it’s gonna come out, and she wants to be in control of how it comes out. If he tells it first he’s bound to tell it to make himself sound more innocent than it might have actually been.
  • Tell he’s a slime ball
  • If he’s just flirtatious, daughter should be able to chalk it up to that. She will know that her husband to be is a flirt and they can all laugh about it. But Mom should provide the information no matter what, not interpret it. What daughter does with the information is up to her.