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Should the kids go to mom automatically after a split?


  • No…but the courts work in favor of women…
  • Dads are rolling stones & today moms are too! Kids should be with best parent.
  • Unless there are issues the kids should have equal access to both parents. It seems too many are quick to dismiss the dad or use the kids as punishment.
  • Yes and a child should not be separated from the mother
  • The only way she automatically gets the child/children is if he’s an unfit parent…And I do mean a real bad father not some made up stuff because she’s bitter or angry
  • It all depends on who the kids are safer with … the split up is not always the man’s fault
  • No it shouldn’t be AUTOMATIC. Although it’s generally customary
  • NO! Joint custody….unless there is an agreed upon arrangement or one of the parents is unfit.
  • NO. Joint custody with as close to fifty percent with each parent. Split expenses equally if possible.