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Turns out that Bill Cosby does drug young women for sex. The AP was able to read and publish facts from Bill Cosby’s statements in a settled case where he admits it.

Do you think his wife knew that he preyed on women this way? Is she responsible too if she knew and didn’t say anything? What are your thoughts on Bill Cosby after his admission?


  • I think his wife knew he liked to have sex with women a certain way under the influence of drugs. She could have left him or let him know she was going to expose his secret. I also believe a decent amount of women had sex with bill cosby even though they knew he was drugging them because of his popularity.
  • He is a pig, and she and anyone who supported him including his lawyer, is a rapist sympathizer and rapist supporter. That goes for all of his delusional fans
  • To think I stood up for this man for years, this is why I say you should never have hero’s people always fall short.
  • Did she know? Yes. … Is she responsible? No … Would I have stayed, if I were in her shoes? Hell no! Lol … There’s no way I could be with a man who’s a predator.
  • She had to know and its no way I could stand by any man that’s raping its a sport..smh
  • All wives know when something isn’t kosher, however our black women are strong and they endure much more than we know and they can handle it with dignity. Camille Cosby is no dummy!
  • She knew, and she is not the only wife of a famous or accomplished man to turn her head for the sake of keeping up appearances and the benefits.
  • I totally think these women need to lay on Dr. Phil couch … All of the women waited over 40 years to bring their story to light ???? Either sit on a couch or move on… It was not important to bring up 40 years ago.. So close the book!
  • No one is responsible for another’s actions. We all know right from wrong. She put her trust in her husband and is doing what she feels/felt was right. It’s an unfortunate sad case for all involved.