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Share your over 40 staying sexy tips … No frills…just be naked Dress well, Speak intelligently, Understand that you can’t get every woman that you see, Be true to yourself Take an erotic dance class! Always remember to date your mate… Embrace your sexiness Have a wonderful personality, Maintain your body & Plenty of Sex

You guys jumped in on this one heavy! I guess we have all said the absolute wrong thing to someone who just ended a love affair. Here are a few things you guys said to never say: Her sex isn’t as good as you said it was. You broke up with that fine ..i […]

Turns out that Bill Cosby does drug young women for sex. The AP was able to read and publish facts from Bill Cosby’s statements in a settled case where he admits it. Do you think his wife knew that he preyed on women this way? Is she responsible too if she knew and didn’t say […]

You had so much to say right after the no indictment decision by the grand jury in Ferguson.  Come on now racism will never disappear & we might think it will 1 day, but we all know it won’t! This police officer that shot “Michael Brown” 10 times, had his body lying in the streets […]