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You had so much to say right after the no indictment decision by the grand jury in Ferguson. 

  • Come on now racism will never disappear & we might think it will 1 day, but we all know it won’t! This police officer that shot “Michael Brown” 10 times, had his body lying in the streets in his blood & the ambulance came 2 hrs. later! Yes we should be outraged for what that officer did, but we should also be outraged for what we do to each other everyday (killing, stealing, rape, domestic violence, kidnapping & etc.)!
  • I’m all for what’s right and wrong. But with that being said my brother Marcus Lemon was gunned down in broad daylight at 2:30pm on Decker and Jefferson on may 13th 2013 and his killer walked why no witnesses. Where’s the boycott for him. I personally don’t care about what’s going on in another state until we start boycotting and standing up for this state. If someone of a different color murder one of us we’re all over it, but when we do it to each other no one bats an eye.
  • Trayvon Martin all over again.
  • IMO this is crazy especially because he was unarmed my 7 yr old daughter is scared of the police for what she’s heard and saw how do I teach my kids to call the police when they need help when it’s stuff like this going on…I’m not surprised by the verdict the man that shot the 19 yr old black woman was found guilty they not gonna give us more than one a decade
  • A big issue that is lost fundamentally is that laws were passed in that state to protect the police by giving them rights to commit such acts and escape prosecution. But ask how many minority residents of that area knew that and/or voted for/against that law and I bet the answer is too few.
  • It is open season and people better keep their sons in the house tonight and hug them close especially if they are in Ferguson tonight. The more NOTHING changes the more EVERYTHING– stays the same! Just once I would like to be surprised!
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