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As Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton continues her campaign, the presidential candidate can’t seem to escape a growing email scandal. According to reports, Clinton will give the personal email server she used when she was Secretary of State to the Justice Department. Clinton is claiming the server didn’t have any information on it and that all emails related to work have been turned over to the State Department. Her spokesman Nick Merrill said she has agreed to cooperate with the government and that if any other questions were to arise, they will address them. The scandal has been detrimental to Clinton’s campaign. A poll shows that many Americans believe she isn’t trustworthy or honest. Read more.

NYPD Using Social Media to Target Homeless

Homelessness has been an ongoing issue in New York City. Over the past few years, the homeless population has reached new heights. The Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA) wants to combat the issue, but their approach is getting negative feedback. Their new campaign encourages police officials to track down homeless people, panhandlers, and drug users. SBA President Ed Mullins is asking that they take photos of homeless people around the city and upload them to Flickr so that authorities can identify where they are. “Before I came to New York, I witnessed the white-only signs. Unemployed Afro- Americans were rounded up, incarcerated, and then leased out to plantation owners. Under Bratton, this police department uses loitering statutes and vagrancy statutes reminiscent of Jim Crow,” said Jean Rice, Founding Board Member of Picture the Homeless. “Police officers are supposed to serve and protect, which means equal protection and due process.” Read more.

Rikers Island Inmate Tests Positive for Legionnares’ Disease

The latest case of the growing Legionnaires’ outbreak in NYC is coming out of Rikers Island, after a 63-year-old inmate tested positive for the disease. “We are calling on the Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett to step up and immediately test every facility under the control of the Department of Correction and to better share information with the DOC. The health and well-being of thousands of correction officers and inmates is at risk,” said Norman Seabrook, President of the Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association. The inmate was treated at the Department of Corrections Bellevue Hospital Ward with antibiotics. There is no link to the other cases in the South Bronx. Read more.

Two Actor Unions Ban Their Members from Working With Tyler Perry

Director Tyler Perry has found himself in the midst of controversy with two actors unions. SAG-AFTRA and Actors’ Equity are telling their members to not work with Perry on his latest project Madea on the Run. According to Actors’ Equity, Perry has not signed a contract with the union and SAG-AFTRA has decided to show their support by putting the production on the “Do Not Work” list. Actors who decide to participate in the project will “face disciplinary action” and lose their union membership. Read more.


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