International Swimming Federation votes to restrict transgender athletes from competing in elite women’s aquatics competitions There has been a long debate about allowing transgender athletes to compete in events. Well when it comes to swimming the international swimming Federation finally came to a decision. they took a vote and came to the conclusion that transgender […]


While the officers in attendance might've enjoyed the raunchy moment at Rory Dolan’s bar, customers who weren't bout the blue life didn't appreciate what they had witnessed last Thursday night (December 16).

NYC to get its first female police commissioner to lead the nation’s largest police force So the nation’s largest Police Force just hired their new leader and there are two facts about them that you probably wouldn’t believe until it was made official. And that is the fact that the New York’s new police Commissioner […]

A super racist retired cop and his two partners currently employed by the NYPD are facing serious federal charges for their bribery scheme and drug ring dealings. One faces life in prison if convicted.

Daniel Pantaleo, the fired NYPD cop who used an illegal chokehold on Eric Garner before the unarmed Black man died, has had his desperate appeal to win his job back denied.


While people don't want to abolish the police force entirely, we would like to see resources go to other programs that could help citizens with real world problems such as social workers as opposed to relying on police officers respond to domestic problems they're not equipped to handle with a gun and handcuffs. That's the basis for the calls of defunding the police.

A Queens man is caught on camera in a graphic encounter with the police.

It's literally night and day and a tale of two cities when it comes to how the NYPD is enforcing social distancing rules as NYC still battles the spread of COVID-19.


Michael Reynolds, a 26-year-old off-duty New York Police Department cop who was arrested in Nashville, Tennessee, last year after breaking into a Black family’s home during a drunken night out, resigned on Thursday, January 2, according to the New York Daily News. Reynolds was expected to report to NYPD headquarters on Monday to begin his disciplinary […]

Daniel Pantaleo was fired five years after killing Eric Garner.