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NYC to get its first female police commissioner to lead the nation’s largest police force

So the nation’s largest Police Force just hired their new leader and there are two facts about them that you probably wouldn’t believe until it was made official. And that is the fact that the New York’s new police Commissioner is African American And A Woman.

Congratulations to Keechant Sewell who becomes the first female commissioner in the force’s history. New York’s new Mayor Eric Adams said in a statement to CNN Chief Sewell will wake up every day laser-focused on keeping New Yorker’s safe and improving our city, and I am thrilled to have her at the helm of the NYPD.”

Source: CNN


WATCH: HBO is Giving Us an Insecure: The End Documentary and It Looks Emotional, Okay?!

Well we now know Issa Rae, Issa thing and Issa Vibe and who knew her show Insecure would be such a huge hit. Well it is and too many sad fans all over the show has come to end after a series finale show on December 26th.  But fans of the show will get another opportunity to share some memories and moments with the stars of the show and get a chance to truly say goodbye with the upcoming documentary called Insecure: The End, featuring behind the scenes footage of the show’s production as well as interviews from the cast and crew about the legacy of the series and more, set to stream on HBO Max

Source: The Root


Kraft will pay you $20 not to make cheesecake for Christmas

It’s the holiday season and there have been some item  shortages that have taken place recently and it looks like there is another this time cottage cheese is the item that’s hard to find.

The company Kraft said a spike in cream cheese demand during the pandemic has made it difficult to keep shelves stocked. They said due to the pandemic and more people eating at home the demand for cream cheese jumped about 18% compared to 2019. It’s stayed at that high level in 2021.

So Kraft is using the situation as a marketing opportunity to help the cream cheese shortage and to keep customers thinking about the brand. They say they are willing to pay you $20 to NOT cook cheesecakes this holiday season.

Yes, a limited number of people will be able to spend $20 on dessert and charge it to Kraft, who owns Philadelphia Cream Cheese. The idea is for those who can’t bake cheesecakes because of the difficulty to finding cream cheese can get another baked good on Kraft’s dime.

Source: CNN Business

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