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International Swimming Federation votes to restrict transgender athletes from competing

in elite women’s aquatics competitions

There has been a long debate about allowing transgender athletes to compete in events. Well when it comes to swimming the international swimming Federation finally came to a decision. they took a vote and came to the conclusion that transgender athletes cannot participate  in elite aquatic competitions.
A new policy was approved called the “gender inclusion” policy says that male-to-female transgender athletes will only be eligible to compete in the women’s categories in FINA competitions if they transition before the age of 12 or before they reach stage two on the puberty Tanner Scale.

The policy also says athletes who have previously used testosterone as part of female-to-male gender-affirming hormone treatment will only be eligible to compete in women’s competitions if the testosterone was used for less than a year in total.
The new policy goes in to effect today June 20,2022.
Source: CNN

Mass shooting in Harlem leaves 1 dead, multiple wounded

It seems like these Mass shootings are happening more frequently and on a weekend in which we celebrated Fathers and a new Federal Holiday didn’t change anything. There was a mass shooting overnight in Harlem, NY, which left 1 person dead and 9 others wounded.
Police say they initially were told that two groups were shooting at each other at the scene which the NYPD Deputy Cheif said “We just think it was a gathering, a barbecue, to that nature.”
Eight of the victims are believed to have non life threatening injuries.
The investigation continues as they were no arrests made but one gun was recovered at the scene.
Source: abc

Drive-by mass shooting at San Antonio BBQ leaves 2 dead, 5 injured

Another mass shooting also took place in San Antonio Texas at a family’s Juneteenth barbecue celebration. Police said two people were killed and five others injured during a drive-by shooting.
San Antonio Police Department Chief said an unspecified number of people drove by the home and “unloaded” between 20 and 30 rounds. Two of the victims are women and the other five are men; their ages range between 20 and mid-forties. He also said there were six children in side the house at the time of the shooting.
He added that the investigation is in the early stages and they have “a couple theories” about the motive of the shooting but said police did not have a description of the suspects.
According to Gun Violence Archive, as of today, June 20, there have been 277 mass shootings in the U.S. since the start of the year.
Source: NY Post

Dead woman in Russia ‘eaten by her 20 cats while body undiscovered for weeks’

Here’s a story from Russia that is shocking as Police reported to the lady’s home after calls from a concerned co worker and found the lady dead and said she must have been for two weeks.
The shocking part of this story is that this lady had 20 cats Maine Coon cats, which are larger domesticated cats, who were left alone for two weeks with no food. So for survival, they fed on their owners dead body.
And believe it or not this is far from the first time something like this has happened.
Can you imagine.
Source: MSN
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