This Black Music Month, Urban One Baltimore Proudly Recognizes National/International Music Icon and our hometown’s own, Maysa! She stopped by our studios this month to talk about her latest project and how much she loves the LOVE she gets from Baltimore! #BlackMusicMonth driven by Nissan

THE BUZZ! This City Has The Worst Traffic in the United States Lastly, Being in traffic is annoying, It is also one reason many people spend a lot of time in their cars. And it is also a big problem in many cities. 247 Wall St. com, using traffic data for 292 U.S. cities from INRIX, a […]

THE BUZZ! LIL KIM BELIEVES HER MEMOIR WILL OUTSELL THE BIBLE, FOXY BROWN SAYS OTHERWISE First up Confidence or outlandish optimism. Lil Kim believes her upcoming memoir, The Queen Bee, slated for a 2024 release, has the potential to outsell the Bible, the best-selling book of all time. Kim made this bold claim during an Instagram Live session […]

THE BUZZ! U.S. charges pair after deadly fentanyl is found on top of playmats at NYC day care First up This New York City day care was supposed to be a place for kids to learn, grow, and play. But instead, it was a place where kids could find drugs. The owner of the day […]

THE BUZZ! Taco Bell Hit With $5 Million Class Action Suit From Man Displeased With Amount of Ingredients in Mexican Pizza Next, Where’s the beef? A New York man is suing Taco Bell for false advertising, alleging that the company is misrepresenting the amount of ingredients in its Mexican Pizza, Crunchwrap Supreme, Grande Crunchwrap, Vegan […]

THE BUZZ!   Jay-Z’s Alleged Son Taking Paternity Battle To Supreme Court First. A proud Father is usually known to claim their children. But what about a child that claims you are their father and wants you to prove it. That is the situation with Jay-Z, who has been in a decade long paternity struggle with this young man who claims to be his son.   And may not be ending soon as this young man is […]

THE BUZZ!     Trump predicts arrest, pushes provocative line on ‘protests’ First up. Could President Trump get indicted? He thinks so. There are news reports breaking of local, state and federal law enforcement, in addition to the Secret Service, preparing for the possibility of the former president’s indictment. Trump said over the weekend that, “illegal leaks” had […]

THE BUZZ! Protesters raise tents to highlight homelessness in Baltimore city If you have passed by city hall you will see a bunch of red tents posted in front of the building. It’s all in protest of the growing homeless situation in Baltimore. The Black Community Development Coalition wants to bring attention to the issue and […]

Former Louisville Police Officer Will Plead Guilty in Breonna Taylor Case One of the former Louisville police officers charged in the Breonna Taylor case plans to plead guilty. Detective Kelly Goodlett faces one count of conspiracy for her allegedly falsifying an affidavit to search Taylor’s apartment. A charge which she plans to plead guilty to, according […]

The Buzz! New York adult diagnosed with polio, first US case in nearly a decade Tired of these viruses yet? Covid 19, lately cases of monkey pox and now according to the New York Department of Health for the first time since 2013 someone gets diagnosed with polio. This case is a weaker strain of […]

States With the Highest Rents So how does the rental prices here in the Maryland market compare to other states. Well, according to data from Apartment List,  the price for one-bedroom apartments in every state increased in the last year. They also listed the top 15 states with the highest rent in the U.S. Maryland […]