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Protesters raise tents to highlight homelessness in Baltimore city

If you have passed by city hall you will see a bunch of red tents posted in front of the building. It’s all in protest of the growing homeless situation in Baltimore.
The Black Community Development Coalition wants to bring attention to the issue and is calling on the city to assist and house people who are homeless.

Mayor Brandon Scott said the city is taking steps to end homelessness in Baltimore. And his office announced $6.6 million from the federal American Rescue Plan Act fund is being deployed to groups to help out.
Homelessness is a big issue in this country and one in our own city.
Source: CBS

Walgreens, CVS and Walmart ordered to pay $650 million in opioid lawsuit

. Three of the largest pharmacy chains in the country will have to dish out some big money for flooding two counties in Ohio with pain killers.
A U.S. District Judge ordered CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart to pay about $650 million dollars. He wrote that the pharmacy chains had dispensed the drugs “without effective controls and procedures” to prevent the pills from being abused and resold and are thus partially responsible for the damage the epidemic has caused in the two communities.
Lawyers estimated that Between 2012 and 2016, pharmacies dispensed 61 million pills in Lake County. Enough pills to supply every man, woman and child with 265 pills.
The retailers will now have to:
  • to train personnel on the dispensing of controlled substances,
  • create a hotline through which patients and employees can report inappropriate sales of painkillers,
  • appoint a controlled-substance compliance officer to review prescription-validation processes.
That opioid crisis is a serious one.

N.Y. fire captain, accused of pressuring Black firefighter to attend racist party, retires

What would you do if your boss invited you to a party, a racist one.
Jarrod Jones, a black firefighter claims his Fire Captain pressured him to attend this private party with racist and misogynistic imagery.
He filed a notice of claim with his intention to sue the city of Rochester and the fire department.
Since the incident he’s been on leave for emotional distress and fear of retaliation.
Source: NBC