THE BUZZ! Protesters raise tents to highlight homelessness in Baltimore city If you have passed by city hall you will see a bunch of red tents posted in front of the building. It’s all in protest of the growing homeless situation in Baltimore. The Black Community Development Coalition wants to bring attention to the issue and […]

Mayors urge homeless to get off streets as ‘cold-blooded killer’ stalks NYC, DC So the Mayors of New York and Washington D.C. are sending the same message to the homeless people in their cities, get off the streets now. The reason is there is a man who is targeting homeless people in both cities.  This […]

  CNN Names Black Nonprofit Founder, Shirley Raines, Hero Of The Year  Black Girl Magic gets recognized once again as CNN announces its 2021 Hero of the Year Recipient. This year’s winner is Shirley Raines who for the past six has been doing a lot of work in the Los Angeles’s Skid Row’s houseless community by providing […]

Colin Powell, military leader and first Black US secretary of state, dies after complications from Covid-19 In sad news “General Colin L. Powell, former U.S. Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, passed away this morning due to complications from Covid 19,” the Powell family wrote on Facebook “We have lost a remarkable […]

The Buzz! Now when you think of country music. I bet you do not think of black people well that might be changing a little as Country music singer Mickey Guyton  continues to makes history in music and in the genre. In September 2020, she became the first Black female solo artist to sing her own song […]

When a Georgia woman posted a negative cyberpost shaming a man for sleeping in a McDonald’s, community members who saw the post decided to turn her nasty action into a good deed. Simon Childs is a 21-year-old homeless father of a 1-year-old boy. When the photo was taken, Childs was actually resting between his shifts […]

After making headlines for providing free haircuts for the homeless in Philadelphia, barber Brennon Jones wants to know why his good deed has now drawn the wrong type of attention. In a video uploaded to Twitter by Muslim activist StanceGrounded, the Haircuts 4 Homeless founder is seen being accosted by police officers. “Philadelphia Police […]

A good Samaritan offered to pay for hotel rooms for 70 homeless people who were living in tents in the life-threatening cold of Chicago. According to the Associated Press, the offer came after the Chicago Fire Department confiscated close to 100 propane tanks given the group to keep them warm as temperatures dropped to negative […]

Sign Up For Our Newsletter! We’re all counting down to 2017’s most anticipated TV moment: BET’s New Edition Story, and the star studded cast is drumming up just as much excitement as the iconic group did for over two decades! R&B Singer Tank has a role in this 3-part biopic, and his connection with his […]

Diana Gordon randomly ran into her brother David at a bus stop after not seeing or hearing from him in 16 years.