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Colin Powell, military leader and first Black US secretary of state, dies after complications from Covid-19

In sad news “General Colin L. Powell, former U.S. Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, passed away this morning due to complications from Covid 19,” the Powell family wrote on Facebook “We have lost a remarkable and loving husband, father, grandfather and a great American,” they said, noting he was fully vaccinated. 

Colin Powell has a lot of firsts on his resume and before the appointment of Barrack Obama was considered the front runner to be the first African American president.  the first Black US secretary of state, he was also the youngest person and first African-American to be chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and a military leader.

To his family, friends and love ones we send prayers of strength though all of this.

Source: CNN 

17 American and Canadian missionaries kidnapped by gang members in Haiti

As a proud Caribbean American individual what is happening in Haiti is heart wrenching. And right now it looks like after presidential assassinations and natural disasters, earthquakes, and heavy poverty, the kidnappings in the country has risen nearly 300% since July.  One local gang in particular has allegedly been responsible for a lot of the kidnappings and most recently are said to be the ones responsible for abducting seventeen missionaries including 12 adults and five children from the U.S. and Canada who were in Haiti visiting an orphanage.  

A spokesperson for the US State Department said late Saturday it was aware of the reports, and that “the welfare and safety of US citizens abroad is one of the highest priorities of the Department of State.”

I just pray this doesn’t end tragically.

Source: Fox 

Now this story is really unbelievable. 

As a Woman Was Raped, Train Riders Failed to Intervene, Police Say

A spokesman for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, known as SEPTA said A woman was on a train near Philadelphia when a man sat down beside her and attempted to touch her few times. The woman pushed back and tried to stop him from touching her, “Then, unfortunately, he proceeded to rip her clothes off.”  

Authorities said the assault lasted about eight minutes, and no passengers in the train car intervened. Not until a transportation authority employee got on the train, saw what was happening and called 911. Then, a “police officer ran onto the train and caught this man in the act and took him into custody,”

court records show the man 35, was charged with rape, sexual assault and aggravated indecent assault without consent, among other crimes. The authorities said he was homeless and was not armed during the attack and his bail is set for $180,000 bail.

Source: New York Times 

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