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Now when you think of country music. I bet you do not think of black people well that might be changing a little as Country music singer Mickey Guyton  continues to makes history in music and in the genre.

In September 2020, she became the first Black female solo artist to sing her own song at the ACMAs. And in March, she became the first Black solo female artist to earn a Grammy nomination in a country music category. At the ceremony, she performed “Black Like Me,” her song that address the discrimination she has experienced as a Black woman. The song was released just eight days after George Floyd was killed  Well she made history again when she hosted the Academy of Country Music Awards with Keith Urban, making her the first black woman to do so. Also for the first time in ACM Awards history, four Black artists were nominated for awards in a single year 

Source: CNN


Issa Rae’s Inspiration For Her New Show

Now Issa Rae is on top of her creative game right now… she produced the recent musical documentary dark city beneath the beat a tribute to Baltimore club music and its music scene…. and not to mention so many other projects shes got her hands on like a new show called rap ish… the show is based on the popular rap group the city girls and will revolve around two estranged friends from Miami who reunite to form a rap group. But the inspiration for the show she said came getting fired up after hearing comments made by Jermaine Dupri “criticizing female rappers for only talking about their private parts”.

I was just like, ‘This is so unfair.’…and like that…you’ve got a new show…

Jermaine Dupri might be indirectly behind another hit.

Source: Blavity


Do You Have Change For A Million?

OK so two women form Tennessee were caught at a local dollar store trying to use a counterfeit bill…a $1 million dollar bill…39-year-old Amanda McCormick reportedly told the deputy that she received the bill in the mail from a church but could not provide any information regarding the church.

She said she was going to use the money to purchase items for care packages for homeless individuals,” The woman had “a shopping cart full of various items from inside the store, including several gift cards to various businesses.”

The women were not charged and and the deputy issued a verbal no trespass warning for the store to both McCormick and Johnson. The $1 million bill was seized as evidence.

There is no $1 million dollar bill in us currency…and lucky for them they were able to make it home safe and sound after that incident.

Source: Boing

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