THE BUZZ! LAILA EDWARDS IS THE FIRST BLACK WOMAN ON US NATIONAL HOCKEY TEAM Next, Lets keep the black love and history making going. Big shout to Laila Edwards, a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin. She made history as the first Black woman to play for the United States Senior National hockey team over the […]

THE BUZZ! DA’VIAN KIMBROUGH, 13, BECOMES YOUNGEST PROFESSIONAL SOCCER PLAYER IN HISTORY Next, This young man is proving his worth and deserving of all the attention he is getting right now. That’s because he has accomplished something no other thirteen year old has. He’s a professional soccer player. Da’vian Kimbrough, a football prodigy has become […]

 THE BUZZ! Elon Musk has lost a bigger fortune than anyone in history What is the most money you’ve ever lost? Well I bet it was no where close to the amount that Elon Musk recently lost. In fact it’s so much, no one has ever lost that much money before in history. Bloomberg reported […]

13-year-old Black girl accepted into medical school As a parent you sometimes feel so proud when your child accomplishes some great things, and I can only imagine how proud this young woman’s parents must be. I’m talking about the amazing work of 13 year old Alena Analeigh Wicker, who was accepted to the University of […]

For first time, video shown of cops arresting Black man, 25, on warrant for 49-yr. old white man Here we go, another video of bad policing. This time of cops in Las Vegas arresting a young black man on a warrant issued for an older white man, who had the same first and last name, […]

Episcopal Diocese of Maryland awards $175,000 in first round of reparations program Reparations, a widely discussed topic but one that never really seems to go a lot further than discussion when it comes to the African American community. Well right here in Baltimore there is one entity that is working on fulfilling its promise of […]

How Buffalo Suspect’s Racist Writings Reveal Links to Other Attacks Another mass shooting rocks America as an 18 year old white male drove over 200 miles to Buffalo, NY and committed an unthinkable racially motivated act which led to 10 people being killed at a supermarket in a predominantly black area of the city.  Buffalo […]

Black Lives Matter used donations to buy $6 million Southern California home: report Ok, so there is a report from the New York magazine that Black Lives Matter Global network Foundation( BLMGNF) and three of its leaders Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Melina Abdullah are not being fully transparent about a $6 million dollar home […]

Grammys 2022: Complete list of nominees and winners The 64th Grammy awards… happened last night in Las Vegas… and musics biggest stars got all dressed up and came together to see who will be this years big winners and here are a few: Congratulations to Silk Sonic who has an amazing year with their album […]

February is the month dedicated to celebrating African American Culture and our history in this country is one filled with great stories of overcoming, resilience, fortitude, and ingenuity. We have accomplished so much and given little to do so. In a society where African Americans were not accepted socially and everything was segregated. African Americans […]