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Episcopal Diocese of Maryland awards $175,000 in first round of reparations program

Reparations, a widely discussed topic but one that never really seems to go a lot further than discussion when it comes to the African American community. Well right here in Baltimore there is one entity that is working on fulfilling its promise of social justice and reconciliation by creating a $1,000,000 seed fund for reparations.

The funds are given as grants which are open to any organization within the geographical region of the Diocese of Maryland that has a proven history of doing the work of restoring African American and Black communities, as well as startups whose mission and goals are the same.
They have recently just awarded the first round of funds to six community organizations totaling $175,000.
Those organizations are:
St. Luke’s Youth Center
The Samaritan Community:
Next One Up
Anne Arundel Connecting Together
I Believe in Me, Inc
Calvert Concept Charitable Corporation

If you would like to get more information or find out when the second round of grants will be distributed go to the  episcopal diocese website
Source: WTOP



There have been a lot of documentaries coming out recently and here’s one more you may want to add to the list for you to check out.  This Doc is called Civil, and its all about the life and career of civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who is known as the Black America’s Attorney General.
Crump has been at the forefront of the social injustice fight over the past few years, representing families such as Trayvon Martin, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arberry, and even more recently getting involved with the massacre in Buffalo, that left ten African Americans dead.
The documentary will make its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 12th and then available for us Juneteenth on Netflix.

Who is Leonna Hale? Outrage Over Missouri Police Shooting of Pregnant Woman

Now Ben Crump might be needed for another situation involving the police shooting of Leonna Hale, a 26 year old pregnant African American woman. The Kansas City officers were responding to a reported car jacking and were trying t arrest the occupants in this car.
Now according to one witness, the woman, Leonna Hale, was cooperating with Kansas City police officers following directions with her hands up until she told them she couldn’t bend over to get on the ground because she was pregnant.
The witness says Hale did notify officers that there was a gun in the car but she didn’t have a gun in her hand, she didn’t even have a stick. And said she took three steps back when officers started to approach her, and that’s when they opened fire on the woman shooting her 5 times.
Video captures officers handcuffing the woman while on the ground as blood pours out of her white t shirt. Fortunately for this woman she was taken to the hospital where its being reported that she is in stable condition.
KCPD’s interim police chief said the department would be “100 percent transparent,” and the two officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave.
Source: Newsweek
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