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Black Lives Matter used donations to buy $6 million Southern California home: report

Ok, so there is a report from the New York magazine that Black Lives Matter Global network Foundation( BLMGNF) and three of its leaders Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Melina Abdullah are not being fully transparent about a $6 million dollar home that was allegedly purchased with donated funds.
After a journalist started to dig and ask questions about the house, known as The Campus internally, they said that there was no report of the transaction and said documents, emails, and other communications they saw about the property’s purchase and day-to-day operation suggest that it has been handled in ways that blur, or cross, boundaries between the charity and private companies owned by some of its leaders.

The journalist stated on March 30th they asked about the house which sparked internal communications that lead to a statement from a BLM  board member the following morning saying that the organization bought Campus “with the intention for it to serve as housing and studio space for recipients of the Black Joy Creators Fellowship.” The fellowship, which “provides recording resources and dedicated space for Black creatives to launch content online and in real life focused on abolition, healing justice, urban agriculture and food justice, pop culture, activism, and politics.”
And there will be more on that for sure…we’ll see who is telling the truth there.
Source: NY Post / NY Mag

Dawn Staley Becomes First Black Coach In D1 History To Win Multiple National


The basketball tournament  on both the men and women side is over. congratulations to the Kansas Jayhawks on their championship title. Also a big congratulations to the women’s champ the gamecocks of South Carolina defeated  11-time champion Connecticut Huskies and handed them their first loss in 12 NCAA title games.
The title was also a historic one for their coach Dawn Staley  who now has done something no other African American coach men or women, has ever done in the division 1 basketball. She became the first black coach to win multiple championships which is absolutely remarkable when you look at the landscape of African American head coaches and the programs they coach for.
So big congratulations to Dawn Staley , all the coaches, and and all the student athletes that are now national champions.
Source: Blavity

Total wealth of world’s billionaires has fallen to $12.7tn, says Forbes

There’s a lot of things happening across the globe right now one big thing is the Russian invasion of Ukraine which has lead to many lives lost, and its being reported a lot of money loss as well.
According to Forbes magazine ranking of the world richest people, the number of billionaires worldwide is down by 329 from 2,755 to 2,668,  with their combined assets  falling from $13.1 trillion on the 2021 list to $12.7 Trillion.
Some of those who are no longer on the list include 34 fewer Russian billionaires, affected by the sanctions on Russia, also 169 one time wonders like Peleton’s CEO, and more.
Forbes also said the decline was the largest since the 2009 financial crisis, but followed an increase of more than 600 new billionaires in 2021 when global stock bounced back from pandemic lows.
As it stands the richest person in the world is now Tesla owner Elon Musk.
Talking real big money when you’re talking billions and trillions.
Source: The Guardian
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