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A Texas parent demanded a Michelle Obama biography be pulled from schools because

they said it would make white girls feel ‘ashamed’

So in Texas they has been a book banning thing going on and they have been petitioning to have certain books that depict race, sexuality, and gender.
Well there is a parent from Katy, Texas who asked to have the biography of the former first lady, a children’s book titled “Michelle Obama” A political icon, banned at every grade level because, she said, it unfairly depicts former President Donald Trump as a bully and because Obama’s reflections on race gave the impression that “if you sound like a white girl you should be ashamed of yourself.”

A spokesperson for the Katy Independent School District, told Insider the district reviewed the book after the complaint and determined it would not be removed. Any book that is challenged is reviewed by the district, even if only one parent submits a complaint.
There’s always one.
Source: Yahoo

Massachusetts school’s choice of fried chicken for Black History Month lunch creates


February is Black history Month and it is celebrated throughout the country in a lot of different ways. Sometimes it can go wrong. For example, this private school in Massachusetts decided to celebrate Black history month through food. An announcement  said “In honor of Black History Month, one way we will celebrate is by highlighting a traditional meal each week that is a staple in Southern Black history. Today’s lunch is fried chicken.”  The announcement went on to note that after the Civil War, some newly-freed African American women gained economic independence by selling fried chicken.

Student body vice president for the school’s senior class, said in a statement that the administration “must first acknowledge that their ignorance perpetuated a racist stereotype and issue a formal apology.”
School officials said the effort was an attempt to educate students about Black history and culture, and that the meal was chosen by an African American food service employee.
A statement from the school said, “Regrettably, our message was poorly communicated resulting in some perceiving it as the propagation of a negative stereotype,” “We are saddened by this outcome. Going forward, we will strive to ensure that all members of our community understand the significance of our efforts to celebrate Black History Month.”
Good thought bad idea
Source: WCVB

Pier pressure? Dutch city to dismantle historic bridge to accommodate Jeff Bezos’ new


We know Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon and currently one of the richest men in the world. Well how rich is Jeff Bezos, how about rich enough to get a custom 417-foot-long three-masted super yacht built that cost $450 million. And not only that , he’s rich enough to have a 145 year old historic landmark bridge in the Netherlands dismantled to allow his yacht, which will be too big to clear the bridge once construction is finished, and then have the bridge reassembled again once it’s passes. He has offered to reimburse the city for expenses and city officials are looking at the revenue that can be generated from the project.
Sounds like billionaire problems.
Source: NY Post / FOX
…well that is whats happening today inside the Buzz.