THE BUZZ! Teacher slapped with rape charges after having sex with teen while using other students as ‘lookouts,’ boy’s dad busted  for allowing relationship: docs Next, Lets keep it in the shocking and wth category. In Missouri, a 26 year old teacher faces charges of statutory rape for allegedly engaging in a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old […]

THE BUZZ! Diplomas sold for $465, no classes required First up. Getting a high school diploma in this state just got a whole lot easier.? Louisiana has nearly 9,000 private schools that can grant diplomas without state approval or class attendance. One of the schools offers a high school diploma for $465 without requiring students […]

THE BUZZ! New Jersey elementary school janitor accused of contaminating food with bodily fluids First up Mystery meat is the least of your worries at this school! A New Jersey elementary school janitor is accused of adding strange and unusual ingredients to the school meals. Strange like contaminating the food and cafeteria utensils with bodily […]

THE BUZZ! A third of schools don’t have a nurse. Here’s why that’s a problem. First up If your child’s school has one of these, you are doing better than most in the country. Talking about School nurses, who play a critical role in keeping students healthy and ready to learn.  But more than a […]

THE BUZZ! Without AC, many U.S. schools forced to close amid scorching heat Next, Not snow days but heat days are causing kids to miss school. The school year has started and it has been a hot one. Not only for us here in Baltimore, but  in school districts across the United Sates. Schools are feeling […]

THE BUZZ! Florida school bribed Black preteens with fast-food gift cards amid low test scores First up An elementary school in Florida is catching some heat for trying to improve their Black Students test scores. The school allegedly tried to bribe their black students to get better results. Parents claim that teachers picked out Black fourth- […]

THE BUZZ! Texas teen was told girls of color couldn’t do well. She’s graduating college at 14. Black Girl Magic History Update. Alena McQuarter, a 14-year-old from Florida, is a teenage prodigy. At 12 she completed high school. Then was the youngest NASA intern and the youngest Black individual to secure admission to medical school. […]

THE BUZZ!     Nashville school shooting – live: Suspect’s chilling Instagram messages revealed as police release surveillance video First up. Another mass school shooting happened in Nashville. And for only the fifth time in this country the school shooter was a female. The shooting took place at a Christian elementary school left 3 children […]

THE BUZZ!   Florida preschool celebrates Black History Month by putting kids in Blackface Our first story takes us to Florida where staff members at Studio Kids’ Little River Preschool is getting some backlash for their black history month celebration. They thought it was a good idea to paint the toddlers in blackface. One parent said […]

THE BUZZ! Ex-school official allegedly embezzled $1.5 million worth of chicken wings First up. A school worker in Chicago was fired and arrested for ordering chicken wings, a lot. How about like 11 thousand cases worth more than $1.5 million dollars. According to the States Attorney, the now former director of food services at Harvey School […]