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Nashville school shooting – live: Suspect’s chilling Instagram messages revealed as police release surveillance video

First up.
Another mass school shooting happened in Nashville.
And for only the fifth time in this country the school shooter was a female.
The shooting took place at a Christian elementary school left 3 children all ages 9 and 3 adults dead.
The suspect was also killed by officers.
But now more details are coming out about the shooter and the moments leading up to the incident.
Nashville Police Chief states the suspect bought several firearms legally and was under doctor’s care for emotional disorder.
There was some disturbing messages left on social media. She wished farewell to a friend and states: “One day this will make more sense. I’ve left more than enough evidence behind. But something bad is about to happen.”
Video footage was also released on Twitter by Metro Nashville Police. It shows the suspect arriving at the school in a car then approaching the school where she shot down the glass double doorway of the school before opening fire on students and staff.
She even fired at police as they arrived from a 2nd story window of the school.
Police say the suspect Audrey Hale 28 was a former student of the school.

New Jersey Attorney General’s Office takes control of Paterson Police Department, citing ‘crisis of confidence’

Something I’ve never heard of before.
There is one Police department in the US that is not currently being ran by police.

The Attorney General’s office in New Jersey announced it has assumed control of the Paterson Police Department until new leadership can be installed,
They are saying that there is a “crisis of confidence” in the city’s law enforcement.
The AG said in a news release Monday, “People throughout Paterson deserve a public safety system that protects and serves all members of its community, just as the members of the Paterson Police Department deserve adequate resources, support, and innovation from their leadership.”
In a letter to the Justice Department, the state groups accused Paterson police of having “a history of excessive force”
The letter also said, “A trend of widespread, unconstitutional misconduct is unmistakable and has disproportionately impacted Black and Brown residents, depriving them of their civil rights.”
Aan analysis by NJ Spotlight News shows more than 55% of use-of-force reports in Paterson involved a Black person, though 23% of Paterson’s residents are Black. Statewide, 45% of use-of-force reports involved a Black person.
Maybe a blueprint for how to clean up corrupt police departments.
Source: CNN

Ohio waste water not coming to Baltimore after Mayor Scott denies permit

Last but not least.
It looks like that contaminated water coming to Baltimore thing is not happening after all.
There have been a lot of contaminated spills happening recently. one of the most reported and talked about is the situation where the train derailed and hazardous waste material contaminated the ground and water in east Palestine Ohio.
That contaminated water was almost on its way to Baltimore to be treated at the Back River Waste Water Treatment Plant.
But not anymore.
Now they will have to look for plan B.
After Baltimore’s mayor Brandon Scott had great concerns about the process and decided to not go through with it.
He said, I stand against any efforts that potentially compromise the health and safety of our residents, and the environment. As such, we are denying Clean Harbors request to dispose of pretreated wastewater into the Baltimore City wastewater collection system.
He extended his deepest sympathies to the East Palestine community but said he must remain steadfast in his commitment to protect Baltimore residents at all costs.
So one less thing to worry about there.
Source: NottinghamMD