THE BUZZ! LAILA EDWARDS IS THE FIRST BLACK WOMAN ON US NATIONAL HOCKEY TEAM Next, Lets keep the black love and history making going. Big shout to Laila Edwards, a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin. She made history as the first Black woman to play for the United States Senior National hockey team over the […]

THE BUZZ! Beyoncé’s $579 Million Renaissance World Tour Box Office Is the Highest Recorded Total for a Black Artist Next, Beyoncé makes records and she breaks them too. The Renaissance Tour has been wowing fans across the country. And it will soon be wowing fans in movie theaters very soon. But Beyoncé has been able to […]

THE BUZZ! MYLES ROWE BECOMES FIRST BLACK DRIVER TO WIN AN INDYCAR CHAMPIONSHIP First up, Indy cars recent champion does not look like any of the previous winners to hoist the trophy. That is because its the first time a black man has ever won an Indy race champion. Congratulations to Myles Rowe and his […]

THE BUZZ! HARVARD GRAD CALLS FOR 3,000 BLACK WOMEN WITH HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMAS TO HELP HER SET A WORLD RECORD First up Jen Franks Ahaghotu, a black woman, CEO and Harvard graduate is championing the potential of Black women’s education and how far they can go. And she is calling on 3,000 black women with at least […]

THE BUZZ! ATLANTA WALMART UNVEILED AS HISTORY MARKER FOR MLK FAMILY Speaking of History. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s ancestors were once sharecroppers on the land where a Walmart now stands in suburban Atlanta, according to Jonathan Eig, an author and researcher who conducted an in-depth examination of Dr. King’s life. Now, the Walmart’s location […]

THE BUZZ!   Chris Rock to address Will Smith slap in live Netflix special material First up, It’s been almost a year to the date of “The Slap” with Will Smith and Chris Rock at the Oscars. During that time we heard an apology from Will Smith but we never really got a response from Chris […]

Jussie Smollett has been released from jail pending an appeal of his conviction Well Empire star Jussie Smollett was sentenced to 150 days in jail and 30 months of felony probation but his time in jail wasn’t long after all.  The court sided with Jussie and his legal team after an emergency motion was filed […]

February is the month dedicated to celebrating African American Culture and our history in this country is one filled with great stories of overcoming, resilience, fortitude, and ingenuity. We have accomplished so much and given little to do so. In a society where African Americans were not accepted socially and everything was segregated. African Americans […]

The month of February is a month of celebrating African American history culture and our heritage. So we continue to uplift our people thorough a celebration of the memories of their  accomplishments and all the amazing things our people have contributed to the world. And on this day in Black history February 10th after seventy […]

All month and all year we continue to lift up our rich and proud ancestry and history and remember the triumphs and challenges we’ve had living in the United States of America. Today we remember the Orangeburg Massacre which happened on this day February 8th back in 1968 in South Carolina. A tragic night that […]