THE BUZZ! Illinois residents are the most beautiful in America, study finds Ok, so there’s another study. This one claims they’ve found which state in the U.S. has the most beautiful residents. A study by Bonus Finder, calculated the number of Miss USA winners, Victoria’s Secret Angels, and models from each state. The study also included the number […]

THE BUZZ! Texas Woman Arrested After Threatening To Kill Judge Overseeing Trump Election Interference Case A Voicemail message leads to a black woman in custody. A Texas woman was arrested and charged with threatening to kill the federal judge overseeing Donald Trump’s election interference case. The woman allegedly expressed the threat through a voicemail to […]

THE BUZZ! Arkansas cop arrested after trying to have sex with undercover officer posing as underage girl An Arkansas police officer was part of a sting operation, the wrong part. Telvin Wilson was apprehended as a part of a sting operation aimed at combating online child exploitation and sex trafficking. According to authorities, Texas investigators […]

THE BUZZ! A woman fatally shot an Uber driver. Police say she wrongly thought she was being kidnapped First,  Impulsive decisions can be good or bad. For a 48-year-old woman in El Paso, Texas it ended in her facing murder charges after she allegedly shot her Uber driver in the head after mistakenly believing that […]

THE BUZZ!   Texas Forced This Woman to Give Birth to a Stillborn Son. She’s Suing First. This is a horrific story about a woman who was forced to give birth to a stillborn in Texas. The woman, who was 19 weeks pregnant when she awoke in agony. She dialed 911 and was instructed to […]

THE BUZZ!   In lawsuit, woman accuses Mike Tyson of raping her in 1990s Iron Mike Tyson, a former heavy weigh boxing champion and undeniably one of the best boxers in the history of the sport is getting sued. A woman is accusing him of raping her from an incident back in the early 19990’s. […]

Uvalde school shooting surveillance video fuels scrutiny over delayed law enforcement response We know about the mass shooting tragedy that took place at a Uvalde school leaving 21 people dead. And we have heard about the lack of a quick response from authorities. Well now we have visual confirmation of what took place as video […]

Parents Sue Boston Hospital Accused Of Discarding Their Late Child’s Body As ‘Soiled Linen’ in a pretty unbelievable story these parents are suing Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston for discarding their late baby’s body away as soiled linen. So Alana Ross gave birth to her first child at the Boston hospital. Unfortunately, there were […]

FDA Announces Plans for Proposed Rule to Reduce Addictiveness of Cigarettes and Other Combusted Tobacco Products This is for all my smokers out there. There are some potential changes coming soon that could help slow the addiction of cigarettes. Well that is what the FDA is hoping will happen when they change the standard for […]

‘Virtual babies’ who grow up in real time will be commonplace by 2070, expert predicts Well if you have not heard of the metaverse by now it is a virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users. And in a few decades experts are saying you will be able […]