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Uvalde school shooting surveillance video fuels scrutiny over delayed law enforcement response

We know about the mass shooting tragedy that took place at a Uvalde school leaving 21 people dead. And we have heard about the lack of a quick response from authorities. Well now we have visual confirmation of what took place as video surveillance of the incident is released and it proves what everyone already suspected. The police on the scene did not respond in a timely fashion and it makes you wonder how many lives could’ve been saved if they did.
The video, published by the Austin American-Statesman newspaper shows responding officers approaching the door of the classroom within minutes of the shooter entering yet retreating after the gunman opened fire at them. After more than an hour — with the hallway growing more crowded with officers from different agencies — the doorway of the classroom was breached by law enforcement and the gunman was shot and killed.

The Uvalde County Commissioner said “They just didn’t act. They just didn’t move,”I just don’t know what was going through those policemen’s minds that tragic day, but … there was just no action on their part.”
And for the families of the victims that has to be hard to relive that moment and you can understand why they would be upset to know and then now see that more could’ve been done.
Source: CNN

BMW starts selling heated seat subscriptions for $18 a month

Nowadays, it seems like you have to subscribe to everything. Premium cable channels, all those streaming services, you tube, etc. Well BMW is getting in on the subscription game and for $18 a month you can enjoy heated front seats in your new car.
You also have other subscription offers where you can pay for the year for $180, or 3 years for $300, or if you want to do it big, get unlimited access for $415.
Right now heated seats subscriptions are now available in BMW’s digital stores in countries including the UK, Germany, New Zealand, and South Africa. But for us here in the USA it is not an option, well at least not yet.
And that’s not at all, BMW is looking at other features that you can subscribe to such as heated steering wheels, the option to record footage from your car’s cameras, and the “IconicSounds Sport package,” which lets you play engine sounds in your car for a one-time fee of $117.
How many subscriptions do you have now?
Source: The Verge

BCPS looks to hire more teachers before 2022-23 school year begins

Well one thing we could definitely use more of is quality teachers that really care about our kids and their education. And it looks like the local school districts agree. They are spending part of the summer on a recruitment campaign. Trying to make sure there are enough teachers on deck for the upcoming school year.
At the moment Baltimore County has hired 400 new teachers, and it wants to more than double that number before school starts.
A member of the Baltimore County Human Resources said “We recruit teachers all year long, so we recruit not only in state, we travel out of state to attract teachers to Baltimore County, so that’s an ongoing process.” One that is continuing with many job fairs happening at various schools across Baltimore.
So to my teachers, the good ones,, get these jobs. Please.
Source: WBAL
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