THE BUZZ! Sharing your Netflix, Prime Video or Disney Plus password could make you a criminal So we might all be guilty of this. Sharing the password to one or more of our streaming services. If it’s not yours you are more than likely using a family member or friends. Because of this many streaming […]

Uvalde school shooting surveillance video fuels scrutiny over delayed law enforcement response We know about the mass shooting tragedy that took place at a Uvalde school leaving 21 people dead. And we have heard about the lack of a quick response from authorities. Well now we have visual confirmation of what took place as video […]

No, the federal government isn’t spending $30 million on ‘crack pipes’ Now this story almost made the buzz yesterday but I wanted to wait to get confirmation on what was really happening and I’m glad I did. Because yesterday the  trending news was that President Biden and the government were planning on spending $30 million […]

Here are some of the best Twitter responses to a first look at the white-washed portrayal of MJ.

Much of the hateful rhetoric is aimed towards people of Polish descent and those who are Muslim. However, there are reports of abuse aimed toward other minority groups as well.

Americans woke up to the surprising outcome of the “Brexit” vote, resulting in the United Kingdom’s decision to withdraw membership from the European Union. The people of Britain voted in a referendum in which they had to decide between remaining in the EU or leaving. The country was deeply divided about the decision, but the secessionists won by […]


Things didn't go so well for Donna Galt and daughter Mya, who said they are often mistaken for sisters. The two even dress alike when they go out with each other.

Robin Thicke latest begging CD “Paula,” to win back his wife Paula, sold just 530 copies in it’s first-week  in the United Kingdom. The CD album entered the U.K. albums chart at No. 200. His previous CD “Blurred Lines,” sold over 25,000 first-week copies in the U.K. and topped the albums chart. “Blurred Lines”sold 177,000 copies in it’s first-week in […]

Oprah is moving on to the UK. OWN and partner, Discovery Networks International (DNI) announced they have partnered to launch an OWN programming block in the UK. The multi-year deal will include programming from popular OWN series: “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” “Oprah’s Master Class,” and “Super Soul Sunday.” Executive Vice President & Chief Content Officer, Luis Silberwasser said, “We […]