THE BUZZ! What!? Texas Man Kept Woman Locked in His Garage for 5 Years. There’s More. First up. A shocking and disturbing story from Texas. Texas rapper Lee Carter, also known as “Viper,” was jailed for allegedly locking a pregnant woman in his garage for five years. He reportedly approached the woman while she was […]

  THE BUZZ! Second suspect wanted in Morgan State University shooting arrested in DC Lastly, Jovan Terrell “Chewy” Williams, has been apprehended in Washington, D.C. He is the second suspect sought in connection with the mass shooting at Morgan State University on October 3rd, Federal prosecutors have charged Williams with attempted first-degree murder and other […]

THE BUZZ! Deputies draw guns on boy 10, sister 11, who took mom’s car to flee to California A 10-year-old boy and his 11-year-old sister drove from Florida to California after their mother took away their electronic devices for misbehaving. So the two decided to jump in their Mother’s car and hit the road to […]

THE BUZZ!   Neo-Nazi leader and Maryland woman allegedly plotted to ‘completely destroy’ Baltimore, Justice Department says Did someone try to destroy the entire city of Baltimore? The answer to that is yes. According to federal court documents two people have been charged with conspiracy to damage energy facilities that surround Baltimore city. The man is a known […]

THE BUZZ!   Elementary school to remain closed through Friday to give students ‘time to heal’ after 6-year-old allegedly shot teacher So the New Year is off to a rough start when it comes to these shootings. And it is very alarming but when you hear that a 6 year old kid is in custody […]

THE BUZZ! 3 dead, 2 injured in University of Virginia shooting; manhunt underway for student suspect Another mass shooting. This time it’s a little closer to home. The tragic event happened last night at the University of Virginia, and left three people dead and at least two more injured. The University’s president spoke at a […]

Uvalde school shooting surveillance video fuels scrutiny over delayed law enforcement response We know about the mass shooting tragedy that took place at a Uvalde school leaving 21 people dead. And we have heard about the lack of a quick response from authorities. Well now we have visual confirmation of what took place as video […]

District Attorney DROPS Charges Against Texas Woman for ‘Illegal Abortion’ So in Texas we know they have been some changes to the laws when it comes to abortion, the procedure is banned after six weeks. A law that has left women with some serious challenges and some tough decisions. One young woman took matters into […]

First Powerball drawing of 2022 produces $2 million winner in Baltimore City The New Year is officially on its way and for some so far so good. Especially for one Baltimore City resident who is now a newly mad millionaire after buying a winning powerball ticket that totaled 2,000,008 at Sam’s Lobby Shop located at […]

Porsha Williams addresses sexual encounter with R. Kelly in new memoir Porsha Williams has a new show Porsha’s Family Matters and she has a new memoir in which she talks about her sexual encounter with none other than R Kelly. Yes, she said the first incident took place back in 2007 when she was 25-years-old […]