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First Powerball drawing of 2022 produces $2 million winner in Baltimore City

The New Year is officially on its way and for some so far so good. Especially for one Baltimore City resident who is now a newly mad millionaire after buying a winning

powerball ticket that totaled 2,000,008 at Sam’s Lobby Shop located at 10 N. Calvert St. in  Baltimore. The Power Play option doubled the $1 million second-tier prize to $2 million, and a

separate line of numbers on the ticket won an additional $8. The store where the winning ticket was sold will receive a $5,000 bonus.

Powerball drawings are televised at 11:22 p.m. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays

Woman Arrested After Newborn Baby Found in Trash Bin of Airplane Bathroom

Imagine working for an airline doing your post flight check and clean up of the plane and you find a newborn baby in the Trash of the plane’s bathroom.
Well that is exactly what happened an Air Mauritius flight on New year’s day. After being discovered the newborn was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment.
Officials then quickly identified a 20 year old women who they expected to be the Mother who gave birth to the child in mid flight.  It’s  reported that she denied that the baby was hers when first asked. But after a medical examination authorities confirmed she had recently given birth. She is under medical observation and once released will have to deal with more police questioning and possible child abandonment charges.
Despite everything both Mother and child are in good health.
Give thanks for that.
Source: Newsweek

Grammy Awards Likely to Be Postponed Due to Omicron Variant

Even tho some things change sometimes things stay the same. We are in a New Year but still in a pandemic and dealing with this covid-19 situation and it is still affecting a lot of things like it did last year. For example, the Grammy’s last year were postponed due to covid-19, and it could possibly happen again. Its being reported that the recording academy is likely to postpone the upcoming Grammy show which is set to broadcast live on January 31st, 2022 in Los Angeles. According to a source with direct knowledge says it’s “looking likely.” Now last year the show was set for the same date but on Jan 5th they decided to postpone the award show until March. Could it happen again with the current covid-19 cases spiking? It remains to be seen but a Recording Academy spokesman emphasized that no decision has been made and urged caution against speculation.
So until further notice the show will go on.
Source: Billboard
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