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Parents Sue Boston Hospital Accused Of Discarding Their Late Child’s Body As ‘Soiled Linen’

in a pretty unbelievable story these parents are suing Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston for discarding their late baby’s body away as soiled linen.
So Alana Ross gave birth to her first child at the Boston hospital. Unfortunately, there were complications to the newborn as significant bleeding in her brain developed quickly.

The parents were notified two weeks later that their child wouldn’t make it and the baby was taken off the ventilator.
And if that was not enough to deal with, when the funeral home attempted to pick up the the body from the hospital. Employees couldn’t find it anywhere.
Boston police officers determined that the child’s  body “was probably mistaken as soiled linen” and discarded.
The Mother said its like she died all over again.
A lawsuit was filed against the hospital and according to one of the family  lawyers, they are not seeking a specific amount of money. Their ultimate goal is to make sure this never happens to another parent.
The Mother said  “We don’t want anybody else to go through this,” “We want the hospital to be held accountable. We want them to fix this.”
Source: Blavity

50 migrants believed dead after they were found in a semitruck in San Antonio, official

says, with others hospitalized

As if there is not enough tragic stories happening.  There has been an update to the tragic situation of immigrants found in the back of a trailer in San Antonio.
According to a spokesperson with Immigration and Customs Enforcement the death toll now has now reached 50 people. And is being called one of the more deadly in recent years.
The Police Chief said Authorities were alerted to the scene when a worker in a nearby building heard a cry for help. The worker found a trailer with doors partially opened and saw people deceased inside.
San Antonio Fire Chief said Sixteen people — 12 adults and four children — were taken to medical facilities.  And those found alive were hot to the touch and suffering from heat stroke and exhaustion, There was no sign of water in the refrigerated semitractor-trailer and no visible working air conditioning unit.
According to police three people are in custody, though their connection to the situation is unclear.
Very sad situation all because people wanted am opportunity for a better life.
Source: CNN

BET Awards 2022: Givēon Claimed His Mic Was ‘Sabotaged’ During His Performance

Now there were some great performances at the 2022 BET Awards and there there was the Giveon performance.  Not one that people expected from the young and rising R&B star.
He started of his performance singing off-key and taping his earpiece which is a tell tale sign something is wrong or the flip side, he could be  playing it off like the issue is not you it has to be something else.
Well he sang a medley of three of his songs and after his performance he took to twitter and tweeted “Not BET sabotaging my mic” followed by tagging Lil Nas X saying :I Get IT” with some laughing emojis.
Now social media commentary is joking him for what happened and saying that Givēon’s off-key singing was proof that he had no real musical talent.
You watch the video and let me know what you think….