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Former Louisville Police Officer Will Plead Guilty in Breonna Taylor Case

One of the former Louisville police officers charged in the Breonna Taylor case plans to plead guilty.
Detective Kelly Goodlett faces one count of conspiracy for her allegedly falsifying an affidavit to search Taylor’s apartment.
A charge which she plans to plead guilty to, according to The New York Times report. Goodlett who was released on a $10,000 bond is scheduled to appear Aug. 22 to enter her plea.
We will see how this case goes from here.
Source: Complex

New York scraps word ‘inmate’ in state law

Is inmate a negative term?
New York has amended some state laws recently to remove the word inmate when referring to individuals serving time.
The word will be replaced by “person with” an intent to reduce the stigma about being locked up.
The reports states that Prison reform advocates have said the term “inmate” has a dehumanizing effect. Prisoners say it can feel degrading when jail guards refer to them as inmates, especially in front of their families during in-person visits.

One state senator who sponsored the bill, said language matters. “This is another concrete step our state is taking to make our criminal justice system one that focuses on rehabilitation, rather than relying solely on punishment.”
source: US News

Girl that R. Kelly ‘filmed himself having sex with when she was 14, before paying her not to testify in 2008 case’ changes course and agrees to speak at R&B singer’s federal trial in Chicago starting this week

Things just got more interesting in the case of R Kelly. His next trial is set to start and will have testimony from the 14 year old girl that was in the video that was released of them having sex back in 2008.
The young girl, now 30 years old was not named. Her testimony could lead to more convictions in Chicago and could add decades to R Kelly’s New York sentence.
The report says Prosecutors at the federal trial plan to play the same VHS tape that was ‘Exhibit No. 1´´ at the 2008 trial. They will also enter at least three other videos into evidence.
R Kelly acquitted of those charges back in 2008 will face new charges because prosecutors are alleging different crimes, including obstruction of justice for fixing the 2008 trial.
Source: Daily Mail