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States With the Highest Rents

So how does the rental prices here in the Maryland market compare to other states. Well, according to data from Apartment List,  the price for one-bedroom apartments in every state increased in the last year.
They also listed the top 15 states with the highest rent in the U.S.
Maryland comes in at number 8 with an average rent estimate of $1406 fora one bedroom.
as for the top 5
  1. Hawaii ($1,823)
  2. New York ($1,703)
  3. California ($1,648)
  4. New Jersey ($1,516)
  5. Florida ($1,426)
Its getting more and more expensive, is there no cost of living sale….

U.S. News & World Report ranked Howard County, Md. as the sixth richest county in the United States.

Guess what county in Maryland  is listed as one of the wealthiest in the country?
According to the latest ranking from the U.S. News & report Howard county is the 6th richest county in the U.S. with a median income a little over $124,000.
The two closest Maryland counties were Calvert County at $112,380 and Montgomery County at $110,389.
Howard County’s Executive Calvin Ball, said “Excellence doesn’t happen by accident.”

It’s all about the people in Howard County: “We have the best-educated workforce in the country; we innovate, and we succeed,” Ball said. Every external ranking, such as the one by U.S. News & World Report, validates our remarkable quality of life as the reason why people come here to start families and businesses.
As for the top 5: Virginia holds three of the top spots and California holds the other two.
5. Fairfax County, Virginia
4. San Mateo County, California
3. Santa Clara County, California
2. Falls Church, Virginia
1. Loudoun County, Virginia

Experts impressed by armed bystander’s response at Greenwood mall shooting

One of the recent mass shootings that took place at Greenwood Mall in Indianapolis was stopped by an armed bystander, Eli Dicken, who took only 15 seconds to neutralize the shooter.
He was really accurate too, police say Dicken fired 10 rounds and an autopsy showed that he hit the suspect eight times from a distance about 40 yards away.
Those numbers along with his quick response time have gun experts very impressed, and he did it without any police or military training. He told police he learned t o shoot from hi grandfather.
One expert said “To have that level of performance with that level of difficulty was just super, super impressive.”
Well his impressive reaction has said to have saved many lives and Eli Dicken is now being hailed as a hero.
And maybe he should start training some of our police… i’m just saying.
Source: WTHR
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