THE BUZZ! USPS leaders forecast it would break even this year. It just lost $6.5 billion. Lastly, Speaking of a come up. The USPS was expecting to at least break even for the 2023 fiscal year. Instead the agency reported a $6.5 billion loss. This significant setback comes despite a 10-year plan lead by the […]

THE BUZZ! LAILA EDWARDS IS THE FIRST BLACK WOMAN ON US NATIONAL HOCKEY TEAM Next, Lets keep the black love and history making going. Big shout to Laila Edwards, a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin. She made history as the first Black woman to play for the United States Senior National hockey team over the […]

THE BUZZ! The 50 ‘rattiest cities’ in the US, as ranked by Orkin Lastly, Its time for a list. This list is about which cities have the most rats. Orkin has released its 2023 list ranking 50 of the nation’s busiest metro regions by “the number of new rodent treatments” performed over a period of 12 […]

THE BUZZ! Health advisory issued for rare bacterial infection that has claimed the lives of a dozen Americans Next, This might make you not want to get in the water or eat what comes out of it. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a health alert in response to recent reports […]

THE BUZZ! NBA Players Clap Back at U.S. Track Star Noah Lyles’ ‘World Champion’ Comments Next, US track star Noah Lyles is feeling good after his 3 gold medal showing at the recent world championships in Budapest. So good that he spoke out about other athletes in sports calling themselves world champions, more specifically, NBA […]

THE BUZZ! China Jails Elderly U.S. Citizen For Life On Espionage Charges First. Recently I’ve seen senior citizens do some amazing things. Running amazingly fast times in track, fathering a baby at 79, And now a 78 year spy. That’s what landed this elderly U.S. citizen in a Chinese jail after he was accused of espionage and […]

THE BUZZ!   China says US flew more than 10 high-altitude balloons over its airspace since 2022 You know about Star Wars right? Well how about balloon Wars? That is what is going on right now between the United States and China. Just last week the U.S. shot down a China soy balloon which they […]

THE BUZZ!   Biden to visit Baltimore for rail tunnel project kickoff Amtrak Joe. That is actual a nickname of President Joe Biden. One he got after travelling by train every day to commute between Washington D.C. and his home in Delaware. That is one of his special connection to to trains. Another is that […]

 THE BUZZ! DOJ sues Arizona for placing shipping containers at the border The federal government has filed a lawsuit against the state of Arizona for creating a border wall with shipping containers. The containers were put there by Arizona’s Republican Governor.  He issued an executive order to use shipping containers to fill in gaps along the […]

 THE BUZZ! The U.S. is officially in a flu epidemic, federal health officials say. They’re preparing to deploy troops and ventilators if necessary The past couple years have been one for the record books. We had to learn how to move in a pandemic with all the covid-19 variants. Now federal health officials are saying […]