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China Jails Elderly U.S. Citizen For Life On Espionage Charges

Recently I’ve seen senior citizens do some amazing things. Running amazingly fast times in track, fathering a baby at 79,
And now a 78 year spy.
That’s what landed this elderly U.S. citizen in a Chinese jail after he was accused of espionage and sentenced to life in prison according to a statement on the court’s social media account.
On top of that, they took all his personal property worth 500,000 yuan (nearly $72,000) and stripped him of “political rights for life.”
According to legal observers, cases involving state security are processed behind closed doors, with around a 99% conviction rate.
The US Embassy in Beijing is aware of the man’s sentencing.

A spokesperson for the US Embassy said in a statement to CNN “The Department of State has no greater priority than the safety and security of US citizens overseas. Due to privacy considerations, we have no further comment,”
We’ll see what happens next.
But this U.S. China thing better not escalate
Source: CNN

Florida teacher says she’s under investigation after showing Disney movie Strange World to class

A Teacher is under investigating for showing a movie in class.

The problem is she’s a teacher in Florida and the movie shown to her fifth grade class was a Disney movie titled Strange World.
In the animated movie it features an openly gay character and explores a romantic side plot between him and a crush.
The state Department of Education is now investigating her for inappropriate conduct.
The Teacher got on Tik Tok to defend herself, stating that she selected the film because it aligned with the class’s curriculum, which currently focuses on ecosystems. While she emphasized that the LGBTQ+ element was not the primary reason for showing the movie, she described it as “harmless.”
She also had this to say “For those of you who are throwing hate my way without knowing me or my true intentions, you may learn a thing or two from that movie. Follow your heart, find the compassion, find the kindness. It’s the key to a better positive life.”
All this in part of Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law, which prohibits classroom discussions related to gender and sexuality and has been expanded to encompass all grades in the state.
Would you be mad if your kid told you they saw that kind of movie in class?

Source: Yahoo

Explosion injures 4 people amid water main break in downtown Baltimore

Back home.
Mother’s day night for some in downtown Baltimore was explosive, literally.
A steam pipe explosion injured four people at the 400 block of West Pratt Street near Eutaw Street.
Three people were sent to the hospital, while a fourth was treated by paramedics. Those injured, according to the mayor’s office, had non-life threatening injuries.
The mayor’s office said a BGE crew was working to install a gas line. BGE said its crews struck an unmarked pipe, causing a water leak. DPW was contacted, and the leak caused the steam line to rupture, BGE said. The steam system in the area has since been turned off.
They added that “Electricity and gas services remain unaffected, while water outages hit Marriott Inner Harbor, Hilton Baltimore, and nearby businesses.”
Emergency crews ae on the scene and clean up is underway so expect some delays in that area.
Vicinity Energy is working to determine a cause of the steam release.
But these gas explosions are crazy. I’m glad that no one was seriously injured.
Source: WBAL