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14 people shot, 1 person hit by car during Lawndale mass shooting

One of the worse mass shootings in Chicago’s history happened last night.
A drive by shooting left 14 people shot. Including three children ages 3, 11 and 13 years old, who are in critical condition.
The other victims ranged in age from 31 to 56.
Authorities say the shooting took place around 9 p.m. as some people gathered for a vigil and others were out for Halloween dressed up in costumes.
There is no motive so far and no suspects.
A reward of up to $15,000 is being offered for information leading to charges or conviction.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot said in a statement, “Last night’s shooting reminds us that there are too many weapons of war available to criminals. We must have a statewide ban and I urge the legislature to act.”
According to the non-profit Gun Violence Archive, there have been 573 mass shooting in this country this year.
And it doesn’t look like its getting better.
Just shooting into a crowd of people. Some just don’t care at all.
Source: CNN / CBS 

Julia Roberts Revealed The Hospital Bill for Her Birth Was Paid for By Martin Luther King Jr

Actress Julia Roberts just shared a story that makes you say huh, what.

During an interview with Gayle King, she told a story about her being born and the connection she shared with Martin Luther King jr and his wife Coretta Scott King.
She revealed that when she was born her parents were unable to pay the hospital bill, so the Kings paid it for them.
Evidently the Kings and her parents were friends. The King’s children attended Julia’s Mom’s theater school in Atlanta called the Actors and Writers Workshop,
Who knew. And this took place in the 1960’s.
Such a small world with so many great stories.
Source: Yahoo

Murders of women dumped on LA freeways solved thanks to spit on sidewalk

Technological advancements has changed so much in our society and how we live.
For example DNA testing over the past years has improved so much. We are finding out that some who have been charged with a particular crime were not responsible for it.
DNA has proven the innocence of some. And on the flip side it also has proven some guilty.
Like this guy who finally confessed to raping and  murdering two young women more than a decade ago.
And again DNA was the key to solving this whole thing.
Yes, the LAPD used a technique that allows them to compare evidence from the crime scenes to law enforcement databases to identify likely relatives of the person who may have committed the crime.
They found his Father and that led Detectives to him. They began following him and when he spat on the ground, they scraped it up. And that was the evidence they needed to get his DNA which matched DNA that was collected from the crime scenes.
Source: NY Post