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The U.S. is officially in a flu epidemic, federal health officials say. They’re preparing to deploy troops and ventilators if necessary

The past couple years have been one for the record books. We had to learn how to move in a pandemic with all the covid-19 variants.

Now federal health officials are saying we are in a Flu epidemic. And they are preparing to respond to a nationwide surge if necessary.
They said they will deploy troops, Fema personnel, and ventilators if needed to various parts of the country, upon request.
Thankfully no state has issued such a request as of yet.
But it is that time of year Flu season. And Officials with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said U.S. flu hospitalizations are higher now than they’ve been at this point in every other flu season since 2010-2011.
According to the director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, the country is seeing a rise in non COVID related respiratory illnesses, like flu, RSV, rhinovirus, and enterovirus.
He added that there will soon be an alert to health care providers throughout the U.S. about best practices regarding testing and treatment for, and prevention of, the variety of respiratory illnesses being seen so early this season.
My son is just getting over the flu so yes it is out here. Please protect yourself.
Source: Fortune

A fugitive from New York was arrested after a federal inspector spotted him while on vacation at Walt Disney World

Speaking of pandemics. There were a lot of crimes committed during that time. And a lot of those criminals have not been caught.
That’s not this story.
Instead, this is about a criminal who did get caught, but how he got caught is the story.
Authorities say Quashon Burton a 31 year old man, who had been on the run since last November after allegedly using fraudulent documents to obtain coronavirus relief aid.
Allegedly he stole the identities of people to get nearly $150,000 in government loans during the pandemic.
Well he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
He was spotted by a federal agent who was on vacation at Disney World . The agent who was working on that case recognized him and alerted Disney security. They contacted the county’s sheriff’s office and authorities were able to pick him up at a bus stop outside the theme park.
He is now in Federal Custody.
From Disney Word to jail, I’m sure that was not on his vacation itinerary.
What are the odds.
Source: CNN

World’s tallest woman takes her first plane flight after airline removes 6 economy seats to make it possible

Now since we’re talking odds.
What are the odds you are born and grow to be one of the tallest people in the world.
24 year old Rumersya Gulgi from Turkey beat the odds. Standing at 7 feet and 0.7 inches tall, she is the Guinness world record holder for tallest woman living.
She also holds the record  for being the woman with the largest hands, longest finger, and longest back in the world.
She has a condition affecting her growth called Weaver syndrome that causes bone overgrowth.  And it affects her mobility too, causing her to use a wheelchair or walker to move around.
One of the challenges for her growing up was being too big to fly. It’s repoprted that even as a child she was too big to fit in a plane seat.
Well at 24 years old she was able to take her first flight.
According to MailOnline, that was all made possible because Turkish Airlines modified one of their planes by removing six seats and replacing them with a special stretcher for her to travel on a 13-hour flight from Turkey to San Francisco.
It just goes to show we can make all kinds of things possible if we are willing to work with each other.
Source: Insider