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Biden to visit Baltimore for rail tunnel project kickoff

Amtrak Joe. That is actual a nickname of President Joe Biden. One he got after travelling by train every day to commute between Washington D.C. and his home in Delaware.
That is one of his special connection to to trains. Another is that he caught the train for 36 years straight to be by his son’s hospital bedside.

That’s commitment. And he is committed to gong green and he thinks trains is a powerful and indispensable way to carry us all into a leaner, cleaner, greener 21st century.
And that is part of the reason for his visit to Baltimore today. His commitment to the railways.
The President will be in town to  why Amtrak Joe is in Baltimore today.
He is working on getting bipartisan infrastructure funding which will help to replace the 150-year-old Baltimore and Potomac Tunnel with a $6 Billion makeover.

According to the white house the tunnel will be renamed after Maryland abolitionist Frederick Douglas and will create approximately 20,000 direct construction jobs,

So today DOT says you may expect some delays around town between the hours of 11am and 5pm.
Source: The Hill

Watching ‘The Bachelor’ is more fun when there’s someone local to root for

Have you ever watched the tv show the Bachelor?
I haven’t but I might have a good reason to now.
One of the contestants on this season is a Baltimore girl.
Yes, Genevie Mayo is a neonatal nurse, a ravens fan and she went to Towson University.
But she is not the only Baltimore native on the show. Charm City is represented as well by  Anastasia Keramidas who is a marketing manager. Back in 2019 she won “Best Instagram Handle” from the Baltimore Sun’s Best of Baltimore awards.
So if you ae looking for something to watch, you can add the bachelor to your potential options and root for some local folks.

Boy Playing Hide-and-Seek in Shipping Container Found Days Later Overseas

Talk about looking.
How good are you at hide and seek?
I bet not as good as this 15 year old boy from Bangladesh.
This young man during a game of hide and seek with friends climbed into a shipping container and fell asleep.
That container was then shipped to Malaysia, on a commercial ship.

That happened on January 11th. He was found on January 17th, about 2,300 miles away in Malaysia.

Once found a video shows him disoriented and confused after going six days without food or water.
He received medical attention and authorities are working to get him home.

Source: Fox13