THE BUZZ! This City Has The Worst Traffic in the United States Lastly, Being in traffic is annoying, It is also one reason many people spend a lot of time in their cars. And it is also a big problem in many cities. 247 Wall St. com, using traffic data for 292 U.S. cities from INRIX, a […]

THE BUZZ! Suspect arrested in Tampa shooting that killed 2, injured 18 Next, A mass shooting erupted during Halloween festivities in Tampa, Florida, early on Sunday morning. Two people were killed and 18 others were injured. At least two shooters opened fire just before 3 a.m. in a Tampa popular nightlife district with several bars and […]

THE BUZZ! Man imprisoned 16 years for wrongful conviction fatally shot by Georgia deputy First up Locked up for 16 years for a wrongful conviction only to end up shot to death by an officer. The incident happened during a traffic stop on Monday. According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) news release, Leonard […]

THE BUZZ! Skydiver who died after hard landing on Florida front lawn identified as 69-year-old lawyer Next, Speaking of finding. Imagine walking out your house to find a man falling from the sky and landing on your front lawn. That is what happened to this Florida man who told WKMG news that, the man landed directly […]

THE BUZZ! ‘It was a big catch’: Tampa mayor finds 70 pounds of cocaine during Keys fishing trip Next, A fishing trip ends with a different kind of big catch. Tampa Bay’s Mayor and a former police officer was fishing with her family in the Florida Keys to catch lobster and mahi mahi when her […]

THE BUZZ! 3 separate suitcases found floating in Florida waterway contained remains of one woman Next, Taking it to the bottom of the map. Police in South Florida are asking for help identifying a woman whose body was found in three suitcases floating in the water. The suitcases were found in the Intracoastal Waterway in […]

THE BUZZ! Florida scientist breaks record for time spent living underwater First. A professor in Florida who calls himself Dr. Deep Sea has broken the record for living under water. He passed the current record of 73 days in the same undersea lodge. And he’s not done. He announced that his plan is to spend 100 days in […]

THE BUZZ!   Roaches in the operating room: Doctors at HCA hospital in Florida say patient care has suffered from cost cutting Doctors at a hospital in Florida are coming together to complain about its conditions. More than a dozen surgeons are requesting management to address their complains. Of which allegedly  includes, unsanitary surgical instruments, […]

THE BUZZ!   Florida preschool celebrates Black History Month by putting kids in Blackface Our first story takes us to Florida where staff members at Studio Kids’ Little River Preschool is getting some backlash for their black history month celebration. They thought it was a good idea to paint the toddlers in blackface. One parent said […]

THE BUZZ!   BPD among first law enforcement agencies in the country to introduce equity policy The Baltimore Police Department is making headlines as a pioneer with a new policy. There are among one of the first law agencies in the country to introduce Policy 1745, The new policy known as the Equity Policy reinforces the […]