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Florida scientist breaks record for time spent living underwater

A professor in Florida who calls himself Dr. Deep Sea has broken the record for living under water.
He passed the current record of 73 days in the same undersea lodge.
And he’s not done. He announced that his plan is to spend 100 days in the deep and will surface on June 9th.
On an Instagram post he wrote, My goal from day 1 has been to inspire—not only for generations to come—but for scientists around the globe who study life undersea and how the human body functions when in extreme environments.”

The Florida undersea lodge is a steel and glass habitat 30 feet below the surface. It sits on seabed legs and is filled with compressed air to keep it from flooding.

According to its website, “It is the first and only underwater hotel where scuba diving is the only way to get to your room.”
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Source: CNN

Nigerian chef Hilda Bassey cooks for 100 hours in world record attempt

Another record is broken.

Hilda Bassey, a Nigerian chef, has gained national recognition for her astounding achievement of cooking constantly for 100 hours in order to set a world record. From Thursday to Monday, she prepared over 55 recipes and more than 100 dinners showcasing the best of Nigerian cuisine.

The previous record was 87 hours and 45 minutes set in 2019.
According to CNN, Bassey was inspired to attempt the record because she wants to put Nigerian food on the map.

She told CNN that she almost quit on the first day, but after breaking the previous record, she was determined to go for 100 hours.

And after confirmation from the Guinness  world record committee, she will be the new world record holder. And will undoubtedly put Nigerian cuisine on the map.

Source: CNN


The road to the NBA Finals are under way.
Down to the final four teams to see who will battle it out for the championship.
But ticket prices are already getting set for the upcoming final series. And they fluctuate depending on the matchups.
And even though the matchup isn’t set, ticket prices will be higher than previous years.
According to Forbes, the secondary market tickets are already at a record high. The average price tag is reportedly more than $3,800 to nearly $5,200 per ticket.
Compared to last year final ticket price at $3,526.
I got my ticket to my living room.


U.S. pilot looks to become first Black woman to fly solo around the world


Another record in sight.

Leona Serao, a 23-year-old U.S. pilot, is looking to make history by becoming the first Black woman to fly solo around the world.

She plans to begin her three-month journey from New York City in August, and will stop in 33 countries across four continents before returning home.
Flying since 16 years old she has logged over 1,000 hours of flight time. She is also a certified flight instructor.
Her goal in breaking the record is to inspire other Black and African people to join the aviation field. She believes that her journey will show them that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there are little over 158 000 licensed pilots in the United States. Only 4,100, or 2.6% of those pilots, are Black, and only 150, or less than 1%, are Black women.
Congrats to her and I can’t wait to tell the story when she does break the record.
Source: Yahoo