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BPD among first law enforcement agencies in the country to introduce equity policy

The Baltimore Police Department is making headlines as a pioneer with a new policy.
There are among one of the first law agencies in the country to introduce Policy 1745,
The new policy known as the Equity Policy reinforces the BPD’s commitment to to ensuring DEIA compliance throughout the Department, and with the community.
Policy 1745 says:

It ensures that Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) becomes an integral part of the Department’s culture by delivering training, advising agency leadership, assisting with strategic plans, working closely with BPD’s Equal Opportunity and Diversity Section (EODS), reviewing and writing policy, and working closely with community partners to ensure services are absent of bias, Racism, anti-Semitism, anti-religious and other marginalizing behaviors.

The Equity Office Director stated in a news release that, “After more than two centuries, this administration and its dedicated officers and professionals are laying a strong foundation for an organizational transformation that embraces the value and effectiveness of DEIA principles and practices.”
And changing police culture is a good thing. Hopefully this helps progress.
Source: Fox Baltimore

Morgan State University adds metal detectors in dorms

Next up.
Another Baltimore Institution is introducing something new as well.
Morgan State University installed metal detectors in its dormitories.
School officials said the detectors will help screen for “potential weapons” being brought into residence halls. The presence of the detectors can be attributed, in part, “to the rise in off-campus crime in Northeast Baltimore as well as the shooting incidents that occurred during Morgan Homecomings in consecutive years.”
Banner analysis shows that shootings have returned to pre-pandemic levels in the Northeastern District while they have mostly declined elsewhere in the city.
Now I get it but these kids are not stupid. After learning that the dorms have metal detectors they won’t bring weapons there. They’ll just keep it somewhere else. This seems a little pointless, especially if you are not putting metal detectors throughout buildings on the entire campus. And it doesn’t stop anyone from coming on campus and shooting someone.
Again we need to change the culture, especially gun culture in our community.



Next up lets keep it with the introducing new things theme.

And lets go to Florida where St. Thomas University announced they are introducing something new.
They are renaming their school of law after Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump.
We’ve seen Attorney Crump at the forefront of many of the nations biggest cases involving fatal police shootings and social justice issues.
Now he is being honored for his work by the University.
Mr. Crump shared his excitement saying, “It is a privilege to be a part of the St. Thomas University legacy through the Benjamin L. Crump College of Law. We have come such a long way in the journey to equality, but we are not there yet. The future changemakers and civil justice leaders that will matriculate from St. Thomas will soon be passed the torch from today’s civil rights icons, and I have every confidence that they will meet the moment.”
The last lawyer I’ve seen with this kind of celebrity and popularity was Johnnie Cochran.
Big congratulations to ben Crump
Source: Ebony